Welcome to The Works!

This platform has been created for the purpose of educating those whom are looking for an insight into how the financial markets work as well as to be able to participate and trade in the markets independently.

How I came to learn about trading

I have always had an interest in how things work and the greater the impact something would have on the world the more it would entice me. I could never fathom how something as vast and powerful as the financial system failed to find its way into our traditional schooling curriculum. This failed to make sense to me and I couldn't help but think that perhaps widespread knowledge of such information would not be of benefit to those that are in power. It eventually dawned on me that the financial system of today was no different from social constructs of the past whereby a structured class system was required in order for a society to be productive. From the transition of Medieval Feudalism through to Capitalism and Market Socialism that dominates most societies today, there has really been little change in the way that society has been set up based on a hierarchy of power. Only Non-Market Socialism (Communism) seems to provide an alternative scenario, of which only small pockets around the globe remain.

Having explored this in detail I realised that nowadays power was in the hands of the financially wealthy rather than being inherited, which seems to have come about in order to appease the general public and prevent the likelihood of a mass revolt. It is of no surprise today that those with vast financial wealth (power) aim to hold on to such a position and as such our societies seem to have been designed to divide the workers from the employers and make the transition from worker to employer very difficult. The wealth gap is ever widening and the vast majority of us are forced to work long hours with minimal rest. This seems to be the same situation in both developed and developing countries alike as each and every individual nation's endeavours are to maximise productivity so as to compete on the global front.

It is therefore important for every nation to ensure that its workforce does not achieve financial freedom as this would inevitably lead to less demand for work and reduced productivity. For that reason as long as you are employed you will always find yourselves financially restricted and forced to work to maximum productivity.

This then lead to my understanding that there were only 3 ways to truly escape this system and that was through either business, investing or trading. I am currently involved in all 3 of these different ventures, though this platform will focus just on trading.

Why I created this educational platform

Trading can be a lonely business and so initially my intentions were to put together a series of videos to teach my friends how to trade, with the idea of us being able to identify good trading opportunities together and in turn helping one another to achieve financial freedom. As with all projects that I set before me, I have a tendency to allow my perfectionist mentality to get the better of me and as a result my video series took a lot longer than expected to complete. As time passed it became apparent that my step-wise detailed course would be a great asset to anyone who was looking to learn how to trade or even those that were looking to enhance their pre-existing knowledge of trading. As a result I was encouraged to share my work with the community. This idea was further supported when I recognised my main limitation in trading was not being able to constantly monitor the charts for potential trading opportunities. For that reason, my ambitions now are to create a network of like-minded traders through which we can share our market analysis together.

Market Analysis

There are 2 ways to analyse the markets:

  1. Fundamental Analysis
  2. Technical Analysis

Fundamental analysis involves market research and company evaluation. Banks invest huge amounts of money in this research and so to think you can compete with the banks by doing your own research is ludicrous.

If you want to make money from trading then I believe your best bet is to try to emulate the activity of the banks and hedge funds. This is where Technical Analysis come in.

Technical Analysis involves studying the price charts of a particular company or asset to identify the activity of the banks and hedge funds. These entities place very large trades that leave a footprint that can be identified on the price charts. By understanding how to interpret the charts you can learn how to emulate the activity of these large institutions.

My course focuses on Technical Analysis, though will include a few modules to help understand some key Fundamental pieces of information such as Economic Cycles as well as Catalysts.

The course has been designed as 'Educational' and should not be considered as 'Financial Advice'

Please keep in mind that trading carries a lot of risk and you should never trade with money that you cannot afford to lose